Turning 40 33/40

The decades old septic system at the orphanage has finally met its end. It’s perfectly timed with our visit.

undefined As a result, we run out of water- some days earlier than others. Our drinking water is never at risk but our bathing, toilet and kitchen water is managed with drought mindset. My children now know California’s shortage protocol for potties- If it’s yellow, let it mellow; if it’s brown, flush it down.

We served hundreds of pancakes this morning then washed all the dishes in 6 inches of soap water and 4 inches of rinse water. We take showers where we turn off the spray all but 2 minutes of flow. To soak our body, turn it off while we soap, on for a rinse, off to conditioner and shave, on to rinse before hopping out fresh and clean.

Thinking of last week’s showers and my extra moments spent standing in a strong fount just for pleasure feels so decadent. So privileged. Entitled, even.

I can’t wait to flush my toilet paper again.

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