Turning 40 23/40

Jim Drew

I was homeschooled for all my years in California. My mom was my daily teacher, my twin brother my classmates until I got so stir crazy I needed more people.

My first year in a public school classroom was 4th grade under the care of Yvonne Moss, 1988. I still remember sweet little things about that first year- names of my classmates, riddles on the chalkboard, hearing about french kissing on the playground, running into bullies for the first time, the curriculum and my projects. My first year at Bidwell Elementary was cut short with a move to Ohio 6 weeks before the end of the school year.  It was pretty heart breaking.

In a tender and uncommon turn of events, Ms Moss & I became pen pals.  We kept writing to each other.  For years.  

Elizabeth, Peggy, Lydia, Yvonne
Concord, CA
August 2018

I received postcards from her travels and whale watching trips. Over my childhood I would share about my activities and growing faith, which we came to share. She was faithful when I was slow to respond and I adored her adventurous spirit. Last fall we were able to see each other and spend an afternoon catching up. She gifted me the love of learning, the joy of receiving a hand written note, and a quiet but consistent layering of what it looked like to have a life well lived. She continues to live it well, and it was fun to live it with her for a day.

This year my twins enter fourth grade, Peter his first year in middle school, and Tearsa to college. I wish for each of them to have a single Yvonne Moss in their lives. What a gift that would be.

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