Stop and see the orchids

I’m not sure when it started but I know why it started.  My mother’s love for things that are green, growing and living coupled with her artist’s eye had all of us pause to appreciate a plant by its scientific name or the vibrant colors of sunset’s living watercolor painting.  I don’t recall finding glory in nature as a child, but I surely do as an adult.

Those that love me send me pictures of sunsets and water as they travel about or capture dusk of exceptional splendor. I stopped on a walk when an especially attention seeking orchid stretched far off its oak in hopes of getting me to stand and woo at its magic. Mission accomplished. What a unique find, this delicate flower peacocking off its fragile perch in the crux of oak branches. It is so out of place which is maybe why it stopped me in my tracks. The unexpected treasure it easier to spot when it’s not supposed to be there in the first place.

So I bear witness. I say yes to appreciating unexpected beauty. I practice yes to finding treasure in places you think it shouldn’t belong.

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