Ambition in Times of Quarantine

I’ve spent weeks in quarantine, confused as to how to move forward and proceed with goals I had set a short (or rather, LOOOOOONG) month prior.

I’ve been through the cycle of grief a few times now. I’ve had new ideas on how to communicate in a uncharted moment in time. When it came time to implement new marketing campaigns I found myself stuck in paralysis and emotional fog birthed from confusion and instability. Great. Just great.

I could cut myself some slack here- our entire country is in an emotional fog.

I tried to decipher the next right thing never quite feeling I could commit to what I should do but also not being able to say what I really wanted to do either.

When you cannot find the next right thing, go back to the last right thing. And keep doing that. Or start doing it in the first place. Or do it again. Let yourself align and recalibrate in the last place you knew you were supposed to be.

I almost couldn’t remember what the last thing was, but after journal reading and goal reviews, I said it out loud to myself.

The wind shifted. The emotions and clarity lined up. The gears unseized.

I find, again, where it is well with my soul. My practice of yes today is surrender to doing the same, boring, unsexy work I said I would do three months ago. Unsexy mundane maintenance never felt so good.

Cut yourself some slack. If you don’t know your way forward, remember what has passed, and do that last thing you knew was right and true.

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