Darrin Turning 40 40/40

I close out 40 gratitudes for my 40th birthday on this final day of the decade. It’s been a good practice to to engage. I look forward to more brain chemistry improving, outlook brightening, settling practices to say yes to in 2020.

The best thing that has ever happened to me was meeting this man. Credit should also be given to a clumsy waitress that switched our credit cards & his praise singing coworkers, Amy & Jack, for giving Darrin rave reviews when Darrin himself could not complete sentences in the presence of a girl that could be a potential romance.

I never thought I would have anyone love me as much as Darrin loves me. His affection and sacrifice for my benefit are more than I could have dreamt. I married up. And what’s crazy is that he thinks he married up.

When Amy told me he was a preacher’s kid and that he made righteous decisions, I thought he was worth considering. She said she had never met someone with so much leadership and she knew he would be a CEO one day. His visionary ways were like an aphrodisiac to me. Coupled with his ability to build and build more. I was enamored. I had never met anyone like him before (that wasn’t already married with 4 kids).

It could be that he’s really an old man on the inside and I’m into silver foxes. Let’s not delve too far into daddy issues, okay?

He told me he loved me 7 days after our first date. He had decided what he wanted, and he would wait until I came around to the same understanding. He has given me a platform to be more successful and fills in the parts where I lack. He has changed the full trajectory of my life for the better.

I think sometimes about the other lives I could have lived had Darrin not chosen me. They pale in comparison to our great adventure. I am stressed out and enlivened by the adventures we’ve taken. I see how God has grown us and continues to do so to this day. I cannot wait to see the work He’ll be faithful to complete in us.

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