Advent 38/40

This summer on our trip to Mexico, we spent our DOFO mornings connecting with each other. We checked in about how the previous day had gone, what our schedule was for the upcoming day, and someone lead time in prayer and scripture.

One tender morning, Lydia lead us in prayer with a verse of her choosing. She volunteered to lead the afternoon prior and spent hours scrolling through the Bible to pick what she would use for our time together.

Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God.

Psalm 20:7

It was the first time she stepped up to lead our family in spiritual matters. There are moments when you realize growth has taken place right under your nose. You child isn’t the babe they were to day before. They had become more of the whole person the Lord had designed for them to be.

It was one of those moments. She had grown. And she lead.

This advent season has had more of those moments. We’ve had longer dinners where the kids have fought over who reads through Christmas story in Matthew & Luke. Our kids want to read scripture from the Bible and linger around the candles to talk about it. They share reading the chapter out loud, passing to the right every few paragraphs.

It’s a moment I’ve dreamt a family of mine would live out- and here it is, happening. My dreams realized. My children meeting the Word- and in these precious moments- they desire it. There is no rush to leave the table or hurry through the task. The words have great meaning, we listen, we ponder on what we don’t fully understand. The weight of the story keeps us seated in wonder.

My cup overflows.

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