The Subject of the Art 37/40

Our beloved friend, and once business partner, Jon Willis masterminded a family portrait experience that has become a tradition for our family. He shares his talent at creating beautiful experiences and captures us as our authentic selves somehow. He makes art with his camera. And we get to be the subject of it.

Over the years, getting our family crammed into pictures has become a staple around our Thanksgiving holiday. The portraits are a gift we give to each other. It is a treasure to me.

Our family has grown. And we have these moments held tight. The beauty, the gift of each other is memorialized.

This year I am thankful, not so much for me as I feel bedraggled, kicked around, and disheartened on this day……

But more for my kids, whose joy and playfulness is the buoy that lifts up from the depths of grief.

In their presence, they put a smile on my face and a warmth in my heart. They are they beauty to behold. A treasure I will not overlook.

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