Turning 40 32/40

Upon recommendation, I started reading When about our circadian rhythms and how to get your best work with the time you have. One of the resulting changes was that I started embracing the author’s celebrated Nappuccino, where you combine caffeine and sleep to supercharge the remainder of your day.

The research showed benefit in a 20 minute nap, allowing 7 minutes for falling asleep. If you have an afternoon cup of coffee right before the little rest, the caffeine will kick in right at wake up. It was the best vacation experiment.

Afternoon Dunkin’ Donuts blend with my sibs in the cool Pacific breeze, the warm touch of the sun on my skin followed by a rest on a summer camp bunk bed. #winning

Now, I haven’t been successful at marrying the cup of coffee to the sleep in my working life quite yet.

But the permission to nap. Nay, the beneficial value of a nap. That’s definitely been a win for my life this summer. Embracing that value in the coming year- makes me grateful for naps.

I am also thankful for Diania, the dynamic woman that recommended I check out Dan Pink’s book. She has been a source of activating conversations, encouragement in entrepreneurship, and brimming with funny stories. Our coffee dates have been so energizing and insightful. Not just for the discovery of a nappuccino.

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