Turning 40 20/40

I got to have lunch a few weeks ago with a friend. We’ve had years of laughter and I am always excited to see him. He is a joy to me and we’ve spent many dinners with deep conversation about life’s conflict and God’s goodness.

His wife, Amy, is one of the most content and kind people I’ve ever met. I ponder my own compulsive dissatisfaction after every encounter with her, like we are opposite poles on a spectrum. She makes me think new thoughts and maybe is even an agent to draw me closer to even from my place of extreme.

This past year we were talking about personality tests and discovered we have the same terminal optimism and desire for adventure. We are kindred. I have come to discover many of my favorite people are the same personalities on whatever metric we are talking about. It’s not the story of opposites attract- I’m more of a birds of a feather kinda girl.

James has twenty years of giggling and bible studies under his belt with me. I look forward to several more decades of laughter and mysteries of God shared amongst us. They are always a highlight when I get to have them.

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