Turning 40 18/40

I have a cousin that’s like a brother. I’ve adored him since childhood. He’s smart and funny and kinda persnickety. He folds all on his socks, like a serial killer might- organized and systematic in the most unseen of places. It tempts me to go into his drawer and stir up a mess leaving him to discover the horror of chaos long after I’d left. Maybe I’m the psychotic one between the two of us. Who am I kidding. I’m totally the psycho.

40th Bday
Crank & Boom

I was asked to stand up at Todd’s wedding. What a privilege. We talk faith and business, parenting and future dreams. I’m brash and flamboyant next to his measured laughter and thoughtful commentary. But his heart is so kind, so tender, and so interested in living out a grace he came to receive as a small boy in a Baptist church in the south.

When I married a tradition began of celebrating birthdays together at a Korean restaurant every January. 16 years in, we still honor the celebration without fail.

We raise our kids alongside each other now. Our oldest sons gaming with each other though hours of travel separate them. I’m so thankful for our interesting lives, our deep faith connection, and the commitment of continued investment.

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