Turning 40 19/40

Jane went on to glory last fall. She was so beloved by my children. She was very generous with gifts towards my kids, more than anyone else in their world. My children still speak about that quality of hers.

Nani wth Peter at school

She loved her grandchildren so emphatically. Her love for them was a point of healing for our relationship. Though she didn’t easily come to terms with loving me, she never restrained her adoration for her grand babies.

I am profoundly thankful for her because she mothered my husband. She was a little on the crazy side with practical jokes that may have only been funny to her, which helped to make me look normal when Darrin met me.

Had it not been for Jane, I know there’s not a chance I would have been considered a viable wife and partner for my sweet husband. She gifted me a lifetime of beauty. Copious love for my husband, even more for my babies.

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