Turning 40 17/40

I’m thankful I’m flexible. Mostly because I can pull off this picture. And I do. Again and again. Mostly for my own entertainment, and to have more interesting pictures.

Putting this together I discovered I have a girl that’s looking to follow my example.

When I look at her I think I can’t relate to her at all. She loves retail, interior design, is embarrassed in the public eye, is anxious about all that could go wrong, and has an insecurity about her place in the world that presents especially in social situations.

When I saw her walking around in plastic princess heels, with big sunglasses, and a purse hanging from her elbow crux a few years ago I rolled my eyes for my husband’s benefit. “Darrin, can you even believe this little girl?” His response was to go take a look in the mirror. Business Peggy that day was rocking full hair & makeup, kitten heels, and sunglasses as a headband at that moment. I had already set my purse down. My girl emulates beauty she sees. I forget that I’m not an androgynous tom boy that I often feel like on the inside. She sees in me an ideal that she wants to mimic.

Maybe she sees the best version of me. The one I forget about when I’m distracted with my lack. Here’s to being the woman she sees me as. ❤

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