Turning 40 15/40

We were new to the neighborhood and new to a megachurch. We were looking to be hidden after having a church experience that was as painful as it was beautiful. I heard a rumor that there were people on our street going to the big box church too.

I was round and pregnant with my first child. We walked up and down our street a few times trying to figure out in which house this family resided. We knocked on their door unannounced as dusk turned dark.

It was the beginning of many years together and an unbelievable gift of great neighbors, community

I have loved bring in relationship with Scott & Sharon. They have been such incredible friends- listening, laughing, generous with time and love. The laughter with them was salve on my wounds during our toughest marital and parenting years. They have loved my children so sweetly too- like giving the twins Rosie Red for their birthday. I mean, seriously…..who does that? #winning

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