Turning 40 13/40

Not long after becoming a mother of a boy I started praying for the house on my street that was for sale to have a family move in with a boy my son’s age.

Since Peter was in my womb, I have been praying for his best friend. I’ve always felt he was like King David in the Bible, who had a life changing friend, Jonathan. So I prayed for Peter’s Jonathan before I even knew Peter.

Peggy, Darrin, Cara, Ryan
Unplanned New Eve Party
We definitely invited ourselves over
Cara’s love language is cheese boards

My prayers were answered when we had neighbors move in to a different house. They are wildly gifted with hospitality. Their children are the same ages as mine. They are smart and fun and always up for a good time. They are a gift to our family.

I’ll call this years of prayers getting answered in generous ways because it wasn’t just my children that were gifted fantastic neighbors. It was I that scored great friends too.

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