Turning 40 11/40

My birthday weekend was prolific- full of delicious food, fun cocktails, generous love, words of encouragement, laughter and beautiful familiar faces. I got an adorable present from a vivacious girlfriend. It was funny and on theme.

When Life Give You Pineapples,
Make a Piña Colada

But as I wear it today, it seems a prophetic declaration that I didn’t even know I needed.

I had a year after the twins were born that was glorious. It followed several years of struggle personally and maritally. People would ask how I was doing, and I would have to pause and think if it were true that I really was doing well. I would respond, “Life is so good it’s like I’m sipping a piña colada on a white sand beach.”

And that was accurate after 3 years of relational strife, frustration, and claustrophobia in my life.

There is harmony in my home. My relationships feel like gifts instead of burdens. My work is becoming satisfying…..not quite there yet. I am working on goals that feel way too large, and finding success in the milestones. I am endeavoring for me, and finding joy in the journey.

Let this be a year of piña coladas!

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