Turning 40 9/40

I started a babysitting agency in 2004 because I thought families in our community needed to have more options- good options- regarding childcare so their relationships, careers and mental health weren’t neglected.

Peggy & Siobhan
The day we signed the papers changing ownership

I spent almost 15 years growing my little agency, caring for families in our city, and getting to work alongside so many incredible women- nannies & mothers alike. Then, one day over a downtown happy hour a conversation began. About something new that could grow.

Siobhan took a risk and asked for what she wanted. It began a meandering journey for both of us that ended with her taking over the babysitting agency, and me starting a new career.

I wondered if I could ever be happy doing anything else, but feeling restless that I needed a new adventure. The greatest of gifts to me is that the mission to care for our community’s children continues, even when I am not the one doing the work. She keeps families cared for, nannies supported, and children protected as I hoped would be the case when this dream came to life years ago.

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