Turning 40 3/40

You were still working on potty training high school graduates when we met.

Julie, Kristin, Peggy
Documenting getting vortexed in Sedona’s Airport Vortex loop

We’ve prayed for those kids, our mother hearts lamenting the pain we couldn’t prevent, for our husbands, and our own disappointments. And we have celebrated. Boy, have we celebrated. We’ve spent many a Saturday morning giggling over waffles and coffee. It has been true of my relationships founded in pursuit of the Lord, it never matters the time or space that separates- the Father binds us.

Julie, thanks for being up for a good time. Thanks for consistently being cooler than me and letting me see behind the curtain that being cooler involves more creativity and daily investment with a blow dryer than I’ll ever possess. It makes me feel better knowing that you have to work to be so damn hot.

Julie mortified that Kristin is again throwing gang signs in The Argentine Bean. Seriously KB.

KB- I once said you were my only harbor to dock my craziest ponderings without being dismissed or met with glassy eyed misunderstanding. You don’t rebuff my confusion or shame me. You would so quietly place a question in my midst that would remain in my heart forcing me to re-evaluate who I was and what I was doing. Now, because you’ve become more of yourself, you just get sarcastic and I can the crazy old biddy you’ll be one day. I can’t wait to sit on a front porch with you then. Thank you for walking the long road of friendship with me. For taking me to Sedona. For forgiving me. For bringing me dinner. For letting me cry too hard for too long on the phone and not being afraid or trying to fix it. You have been so faithful.

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