Turning 40 2/40

I was in the peak mania of running a babysitting agency and discovering motherhood was not my life’s fulfillment when you were working for me, living with me, competing with each other, talking about me when I wasn’t around, and laughing with me about what you said.

Sister Wives
Peggy, Marwa, Jessica

So much laughing. In between the tears and dessert and laughter we became family. You were so generous with me when I was quite possibly my worst self. You forgave me, fed children, changed diapers, went to the zoo, taught letters & numbers. While I scrambled to get my footing in my new reality.

Marwa, your 20 year old self twisted my ear and told me I was “a bad wife” for not decorating our home for Christmas. Still now, almost 15 years later, you are the one who pulls out our Christmas tree and creates holiday beauty for others to enjoy. You’ve always been a beauty maker. You taught me hospitality and hummus, and how to clean, which the last is slightly embarrassing to admit. My home bears the marks of your training to this day. Thank you for loving me then and now.

Jessica, thanks for allowing me onto your busy schedule. I know you “book up quickly” and don’t have time for certain clients. I’m glad I made the cut. I’m glad you persisted past my invasive, okay- offensively involved, nature. These day you speak hope and encouragement over me that feels like water on parched land. When I forget how good the Lord has been you remind me of how far he’s brought us both. Thank you for singing the praises.

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