I’m Turning 40

I have aspired to celebrate every month of this year.

But why I celebrate has been a long time in the making. The goodness of my life was not created by me. It is what I received. So I wanted to celebrate 40 people that have made my life something worth celebrating. I look back and a long moment in the present.

Peggy & Quinn in Nashville, 2015

I met this girl when matched as random college roommates. I can’t think of much that keeps up together outside of respect for humanity and our sense of humor. Our friend groups didn’t cross over, our life habits don’t align, nor do our faith beliefs, and surely not politics at that time.

But we just loved each other. She has been one of the truest loves I’ve had in my life. She wants only for me to be well. She reflects back to me who I am when I’ve lost myself. She is aggravatingly intelligent, so hard working, and commits both those traits to keeping a friendship with me even though we’ve had nearly two decades in different parts of the country. She challenges me and makes me think new thoughts. She is a treasure in life. Having her loyalty, compassion and kindness is more than I deserve. My gratitude for that is never far from me.

I speculated once with my husband, “What will I ever do if you die? How will I even keep going?”

He responded, “Don’t worry. Quinn would come to you.” He gets us.

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