My Phone is a Thief

I joined an 8-week challenge at my gym. It’s called the Transformation Challenge. And outside of just leaning up, there were other challenges you could engage in. It could be increasing water consumption, tracking your calories or sleeping 8 hours a night. I picked something that was so small and minor that I didn’t think it would be that big a deal.

I committed to turn my phone off one hour before I wanted to be asleep.

It has been the hardest practice of the Transformation Challenge. This morning I crept past a weight plateau that I think my basal metabolism wants to maintain. That’s a low-grade miracle.

But turning my phone off has been the greatest behavior change obstacle. I think it has contributed to me getting almost 9 hours of sleep on the regular basis. It has helped me to wake up on my own early without fatigue. I am also able to embrace spiritual and meditative practices in the morning I would not otherwise be able to do.

Turning my phone off has been way harder than changing how I eat or working on my fitness. It is this quiet thief that went unseen in my life. It is such a small change but has driven so much unexpected benefit. 
So I have happened into better sleep, earlier bedtimes and maybe even more sex. Because when you are restless at falling asleep, I’m not playing on my phone…so, why not?

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