My Year and My Fear

Making 2019 

I didn’t start thinking about goals until settling from out long holiday jaunt to a warmer place. I also used all the pages in my 3 months journal- and it only took the entire year of 2018. That was a clue I needed something different. After many blogs and YouTube videos, I settled on this little nugget. And it’s changing my life. I’m serious.

I spent another week developing and refining 5 goals that included my family, my fitness, my professional development, and my business goals. It took a first stab and two additional revisions to make them more specific and accurately reflecting what I want to achieve.

They were terrifying. Saying them out loud made me hide and tears literally sprung to my eyes. Half of them felt completely impossible. The other half just really hard. I was eye to eye with my fear of failure. My old narrative was that failing meant I was a failure. I was doomed to being a failure. That was until a new mantra replaced that lie:

No, in all these things, we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. -Romans 8:37

In response to this promise, I practice conquering.

I share my goals. I conquered my fear which wanted to paralyze me. I got feedback that I needed to tighten the target on my first draft goals from my dear professor friend. She was right. Which meant saying a weight goal and a revenue target I was going to be accountable for as soon as I spoke it.

Around the tenth time of sharing my goals, they stopped scaring me. A weird thing happened. I started to feel excited. Energized even.

I’ve only completed a single full week using the plan and it has knocked months-long roadblocks out of the way. I am in awe. So thankful.

So here’s to 2019’s terror-inducing goals 🤢 and to me reaching them! 🥂

  • 2X revenue over 2018
  • Lean down to 164 lbs
  • Develop blog community of 500 followers
  • Present in 3 public speaking engagements
  • Raise Healthy Kids (This has been a journey on qualitative metrics)

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