But first, rest

I spent over two weeks over the holidays beachside. The first week I could barely do anything other than lay, read, and only because I had to, make dinner.

The second week I started to feel rejuvenated. I began thinking new thoughts again. By midweek I was waking up in the night with lists of tasks to be completed. By the end of the week I was cracking open my laptop to get things done.

After the creation of the earth, plants, and animals, came Adam & Eve. The first thing the Creator did with those two was spend a day resting with them. He had given marching orders to care for the world and all that was in it, but they didn’t execute on those orders until having spent a day resting with their life source. It was out of that rest, they set to work.

I experienced the gift of great rest during those long days in Florida water. My soul was refreshed in the deep well while I was just being. And it was obvious to me when I was filled up because my mind began to work again, my ability to create was restored, and my body could wait no longer to get back to doing.

It is a gift to rest, but I live in a culture of activity and a household that loves to do. We bear the fruits of our work and love to work and work some more. But I think we are actively operating in a lie that we can do it all. And do it all on our own.

This year, one of my hardest behavior changes may very well be practicing rest. I know in my head the stillness and remembering that I don’t do it all on my own is necessary for the level of growth I want to have this year. But my heart and guts still feel its counter-intuitive to getting it all done.

But still. I will practice rest.

Keep my Sabbaths and revere my Sanctuary: I am God. Leviticus 19:30

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