My Mom Secret Weapon

I started a practice a few years ago. It was a bedtime ritual for my oldest and it grew. The kids would look forward to it and I would get busy or too tired and I would shorten the evening routine to a bare minimum. I would get out of rhythm and forget I ever spent tender moments with my kids, then something would happen and I would realize time was slipping by while I wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe there would be a flashpoint at school that required some extra attention at home and I would reinstitute the routine.

I speak blessings. It is different than praying for them, thanking God for what’s going on, or asking for the miracle du jour. It is declaring the promises of God over my children. I lay the blessing on them, and they receive it like a warm blanket. Two of my three actually seem to wrap up in the words and want them laid upon them every night they can get them.

Blessing has become a secret weapon to address their character and their spirit in tandem. I can speak blessings derived from scripture introducing my kids to the Word, to the identity God has given them, and to the authority they have as followers of God.

It is also a training ground for me. It casts a vision for how I speak to these growing people. I am reminded of the unbelievable goodness intended for us- for me! I am trained on how to speak faith over circumstances in my life. I am washing my mind in something good and true. I return to it later. I dwell in it. I meditate on it. And I am transformed.

I bless my children to be transformed by the renewing of their minds too.

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