Not All Who Wander Are Lost….right?

I am gearing up for some intentional wandering.  A directed lostness, you might say. I am thinking about career shifts.  I am practicing saying yes to something new and it scares me. I think I am leaning into a season of trial and error.  My oldest frenemy is rejection, and I am anxious about how much time I need to spend in its presence as I navigate to a new place.  For someone that loves adventure, the fear surprises me a bit. When I brush up against it I have mantras I recite. I’ve practiced this one for decades.

I want to be

WHO God wants me to be,

WHERE He wants me to be,

Doing WHAT he wants me to do.

And the weight of terror lifts.  The paralysis I feel when fearing failure comes to an end.

So in little ways, small tasks like sending a resume, I am practicing yes to freedom in God’s sovereignty, the lightness of Him being in charge, and saying yes to the promise that His plan for me includes hope and a bright future.  Should I get lost, I trust I’ll hear his voice calling me back. 

Put your hand out and steady me
    since I’ve chosen to live by your counsel.
I’m homesick, God, for your salvation;
    I love it when you show yourself!
Invigorate my soul so I can praise you well,
    use your decrees to put iron in my soul.
And should I wander off like a lost sheep—seek me!
    I’ll recognize the sound of your voice.  -Psalm 119:173-176


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