Off we go

I’m a confessed adventure addict.  Well, I’m an addict in general- sugar, white flour, Netflix, novels, airline tickets- I’m not exclusive.  So I am always on the look out for a good time.  Thankfully, I am often able to discriminate what highs end badly and which ones have fewer negative outcomes.  But even still, I eat too many cookies, have that extra glass of wine, schedule one too many appointments, play another episode of Westworld, and there was that one time a hike too many had me on a mountain for a nervous breakdown….that was rough.  I continue wanting to do good, but the bad is always with me.

I am on a journey to find what is best for me in a world of things that are good for me, and also some things that are bad for me that I enjoy so much.  I want to practice Yes to the BEST.  Now, on to figuring out what the heck the best is…..

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